Motivated to fill the gap for higher levels of mental health treatment options for children and adolescents, MiraCare Group developed the Tinley Park Center to bring these services to our communities. We hope to highlight our brand-new facility that brings our full continuum of care to life and demonstrates our dedication to making a positive impact on children and their families.

We have worked closely with our team of Somatic Experiencing Practitioners, Licensed Clinical Psychologists and Board-Certified Psychiatrists to develop Inpatient Hospitalization and Partial Hospitalization programs that increase our patients’ ability to accomplish a sense of security, optimism, self-value and social connectivity as they process life’s challenges and opportunities. Families who are looking for more support than what weekly outpatient therapy can provide will meet with our team for a level of care assessment, where our professionals can help place the patient in the best program within our continuum for their specific needs.

The Inpatient Unit

Inpatient hospitalization provides the patient with a safe place to stabilize while experiencing a mental health crisis. The child and adolescent unit was intentionally designed to be open with tall ceilings as most patients in behavioral health facilities feel cramped or locked in. The space is bright and has colors that create a calming feeling. By creating an open environment, patients will feel welcomed and ready to heal in a safe space.

Partial Hospitalization Program

For some adolescents, it can be too difficult to leave in-hospital care and immediately return to life at home and school. In many cases, our Partial Hospitalization Program can ease the transition to full outpatient care by providing the patient with clinical treatment during the day followed by a return home for evenings and weekends​. It is common for patients to transition from inpatient level care to a partial hospitalization program to maintain progress towards their treatment goals.

MiraCare Tinley Park Center is now open and accepting patients for our Inpatient Unit and Partial Hospitalization Program, and our team is ready to help bring you and your family a brighter tomorrow! For more information about these levels of care, or to learn more about options in our continuum, please call us at 708-726-MIRA (6472).

Written by:
Brit Williams of MiraCare Group
Operations Coordinator