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Neel Mehta

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


M.A.: Counseling Psychology at The Adler School of Professional Psychology
M.A. and Psy.D.: Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Clinical Experience/philosophy: I have been working as a psychotherapist since 2007. I have gained personal and professional experience in working in a variety of clinical settings including outpatient community centers, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, college counseling centers, and in private practice.

I have been practicing at MiraCare Neuro Behavioral Health since 2015, and while I have also had roles as a group therapist and in supervising predoctoral interns for individual and group therapy, I am primarily a psychotherapist. I prefer working with a variety of people who may present a variety of concerns, from younger children to adolescents, younger adults, and beyond, including couples and families.

I identify as an integrative practitioner who draws carefully from many traditions and schools of thought, however with a primary focus on relationship as a fundamental factor in human suffering and healing. I also believe that a good sense of fit with one’s therapist is fundamental to therapeutic process being effective, and I thereby strive to create a safe and nonjudgmental environment so that those in need can find space and time to address emotional difficulties and pain which otherwise could be understandably challenging throughout the transitional nature of everyday life. I feel that when we take the time to understand pain and what it may be attempting to communicate, we are able to use it to find some direction toward healing, growth, and sustained strength. Similarly, while we might not “get clean by rolling in the muck” (dwelling in the past), learning from our past gives us guidance for practice in the present to enjoy it and the future it creates.
Roles at the practice: My typical schedule is Monday through Thursday seeing patients from the early afternoon through evenings with additional flexibility as needed per situation. I am always open to additional questions or concerns about how I work with different situations, and I strive to be transparent in communication to prioritize the well being of those with whom I am working.

In my personal life I am a family man with two young children recently mourning the loss and celebrating the life of our English Bully Jerry, and I am constantly listening to and playing music with friends (i.e. electric guitar). I like to get away and into nature when the opportunity arises. I am a Bulls and Bears fan. I love to laugh!

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  • Location: Palos Heights

  • Telehealth: Yes, if appropriate


By working together in one collaborative environment, patients and families benefit from a higher level of listening, bridging and sharing.


With a long history of caring for children and teens in an inclusive manner, family is rooted in the MiraCare continuum of care.