December 1, 2022

It’s finally open.

For years our community has lacked a place for children and adolescents to go to when they are not safe to themselves. Our children and families have been traveling way outside of our community to get the medical care they desperately need. Finally, we have a treatment center in our area.

Why is this needed?

Throughout adolescence two things happen that challenge our children.

  • Adolescence has always been a tumultuous time for children. As they learn “adult responsibilities” for the first time, they experience tremendous stressors and challenges. Children becoming adults has always been a difficult transition. But, even more so in today’s world, it has become nearly impossible to shelter children and adolescents from complicated “adult” issues. Technology makes them more aware than ever of the confusing issues concerning their community, the country and the world they live in. They see and hear it all every day from multiple sources, making it seem inescapable.
  • During all this, the brain is constantly going and developing at an incredible speed. The personality and psychological stability of a young child will change dramatically by their senior year in high school. This results in tremendous neuroactivity and growth.

These two challenges that adolescents face can lead to significant “Brainstorms” (a phrase and book written by Daniel Segal). During these storms, which have increased dramatically in the last few years, the child is often not safe to themselves. At certain times – during a state of ultimate overstimulation and feeling overwhelmed – a perfect “brainstorm” is created, which can lead to a person feeling unsafe and potentially posing a danger to themselves and/or others. During these storms, impulsive decisions to alleviate the pain might be made, which can have lasting consequences. (Think of the classic story of “Romeo and Juliet.”)

Finally, we have a solution and a resource within our community.

MiraCare addresses these storms successfully with a short, safe and healing treatment. While the full treatment can take a considerable amount of time, the storm crisis phase can be treated quickly and safely in a hospital setting. Then, the child can benefit from the ongoing outpatient treatment programs.

Unfortunately, during this time of year children who are vulnerable to depressive and anxious thinking can elevate quickly into crisis storms. Feeling pressure to celebrate life, gratitude and joy during the holiday season can become overwhelming, especially when one’s mind is struggling with awful thoughts. Please look forward to an upcoming article written by a member of the MiraCare team that discusses the difficulties that children can face during this time of year. And please do take time to learn more about MiraCare Group and our Inpatient and Outpatient Services and Partial Hospitalization Program all now available to children, adolescents and their families at our Tinley Park Center!