Outpatient Services

Outpatient Care Services

MiraCare Group offers comprehensive, multi-interventional mental health treatment options for children, adolescents and adults of all ages. Consisting of Psychiatric Evaluation, Medication Management, Psychological Evaluation, Psychotherapeutic treatment and more, our mission is to help patients better process life’s challenges and opportunities by enhancing their sense of security, optimism, self-value and social connectivity.


Psychiatric evaluations involve meeting with a board-certified licensed psychiatrist who can help manage and decrease problematic symptoms through the use of medication. Psychiatrists have been trained to understand how one’s unique brain chemistry affects behaviors and emotions. Psychiatric evaluations are often recommended in conjunction with therapy as the best treatment plan.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy involves one-on-one sessions with a therapist, typically occurring weekly. The therapist works with the individual to establish a safe, trusting relationship through a nonjudgmental stance. The therapeutic connection takes time to develop and may evolve as an individual’s needs change. Treatment plans vary and are adjusting depending on one’s circumstances. However, multiple approaches and orientations are available to work with individuals and common therapy goals include increased self-awareness and understanding to assist with making positive changes.

Psychological & Neuropsychological Testing

MiraCare Neuro Behavioral Health offers comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological testing for diagnostic clarification and treatment planning for children, adolescents, and adults. By using psychometrics, behavioral observations, verbal reports, and consultation when appropriate, a blueprint is created that explains strengths and challenges regarding cognitive capacities, learning patterns, behavioral concerns, and socioemotional functioning. Testing varies from screening of different areas of functioning to extensive assessment. This then allows for the identification and guidance to inform personalized recommendations and treatment options, including but not limited to medication decision-making; professional psychological, neurological, and behavioral interventions; as well as guiding supportive interventions at home and within the educational system.


Psychoneurotherapy (PNT) is an individualized brain-based treatment program that may incorporate psychotherapy, biofeedback (HRV), neurofeedback, and/or CogMed. It is a mindfulness-based treatment that utilizes learning strategies to improve the mind-body connection, enhance emotional regulation and resiliency, improve cognitive flexibility and processing, reduce symptoms, improve frustration tolerance, and improve stress management.

During treatment, advanced technology is used to enhance the effectiveness of traditional psychotherapy by taking advantage of the brain’s neuroplasticity, which refers to the brain’s continued ability to learn, change, and adapt. Treatment involves the use of visual games, videos, and/or music to help engage the learner, increase motivation, and help reinforce neural pathways and activity patterns which make the brain healthier and more resilient.

PNT services are available to children (4+), adolescents, and adults. PNT treatment can be completed while patients continue their individual therapy and take their prescribed medication.

Family & Couples Therapy

Treatment focuses on improving relationships with loved ones. Shown to improve one’s overall mental health and reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma, this may include work with romantic partners, parent-child relationships, and other relations to develop healthy skills and insight while working toward conflict resolution, greater compassion and nurturance for self and others, as well as engage in new ways to more effectively communicate.

Group Therapy

Group therapy gives individuals an opportunity to connect with others that may be going through a similar experience. Many individuals find therapy groups to be a source of support, offer increased social awareness, and develop problem-solving skills in a safe and encouraging environment. Group therapy also provides an opportunity to apply newly acquired skills while getting feedback from peers.


Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Please fill out the appointment request form under Patient Resources. After the information is submitted, our receptionist will call you within 2-3 business days for additional information and/or to schedule an appointment.

You can expect an opportunity to address any emergent questions or concerns with the process, and to discuss the reason for your appointment with your provider in order to collaborate toward a mutual understanding.

MiraCare bills a variety of insurance companies. Our practice is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, PPO. Our billing department can assist you in determining the coverage offered by your insurance policy; however we recommend you check personally with your insurance about coverage prior to your visit.

Some individuals may choose to self-pay. Please feel free to discuss this matter with the receptionist when you call. Additionally, there may be circumstances in which a reduced fee rate may be appropriate, which may be determined at the discretion of our clinical director after the initial appointment.

MiraCare offers comprehensive services in individual, group, couple, family, psychological assessment, psychiatric evaluation, and psychoneurotherapy. For a description of these services, please refer to the Services page on this website.


The MiraCare team includes Board Certified Child/Adolescent Psychiatrists; Psychologists, Therapists and other professionals, seasoned with years of clinical experience.


By working together in one collaborative environment, patients and families benefit from a higher level of listening, bridging and sharing.