Partial Hospitalization Services

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Keys to a Brighter Tomorrow

For some adolescents, it can be too difficult to leave in-hospital care and immediately return to life at home and school. MiraCare Partial Hospitalization Program provides a safe place to stabilize for children and adolescents who do not require an inpatient care yet still struggle with symptoms of mental illness that hinder their ability to cope with relationships and routine daily tasks.

Part of our full continuum of care, patients receive the support and treatment needed to foster their capability and capacity to navigate life challenges.

Treatment is provided by Child and Adolescent trained Psychiatrists and Psychologists who meet with the patient individually and in groups.

Services focus on thorough assessment and symptom stabilization while working to promote insight, reduce anxiety and depression and build healthy living skills.

Eases the transition to full outpatient care, providing the patient with clinical treatment during the day followed by a return home for evenings and weekends.


The MiraCare team includes Board Certified Child/Adolescent Psychiatrists; Psychologists, Therapists and other professionals, seasoned with years of clinical experience.


By working together in one collaborative environment, patients and families benefit from a higher level of listening, bridging and sharing.