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Richard A. Markin, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Doctoral Degree: University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Licensure: License Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Markin is a licensed clinical psychologist and neuroscience researcher.  He has worked with individuals and groups in hospitals, clinics and community facilities in both the public and the private sphere. He is trauma informed and works with individuals, families and groups that include all ages, races, cultures, and genders.  He sees people as biological, psychological, and social entities. If one does not pay attention to all these aspects of the self, one may miss some important information that may be helpful to the patient and their wellbeing. He uses a variety of therapeutic interventions that fit what the patient wants and needs.

He uses a complex adaptive systems model that includes network theory and privileges the role of time, affect and narrative in both his clinical and research endeavors. His neurobiological narrative systems approach sees humans and groups as story tellers. His goal is to treat the patient from a holistic, integrative, and humanistic approach and to help them to tell a gentler and more effective story about themselves.

In dealing with the self/person as a respected partner, he focuses on the multiple ways a person can relate to themselves and others (e.g. self/self; self/other; self/world) and respects the novelty and creativity that most people bring to treatment and to their story about themselves. In this time of pandemics and social unrest he brings to bear over 35 years of experience with change and unpredictability. He seeks to bring order out of chaos by assisting his clients to recreate themselves in ways that are more effective and respectful of their strengths and weaknesses. He wants people to design, curate and develop ways of being that bring them satisfaction; a maximization of potential and a minimization of maladaptive strategies or feelings of being stuck. He has had extensive experience in community problems and solutions and has worked in a variety of neighborhoods and cultural and ethnic enclaves.

He uses movies, anime, music, art, and other cultural products to enable people to find themselves and others and has served as a consultant to other clinicians, communities, executives and leaders. If we view the world through the glasses of the past, then we want to correct the existing distortions and help people to have a better vision of themselves and where they are going. If you see your life as a journey, he can serve as a mentor, guide, educator and ally who can support, advocate and co-create a better path or lens into the future with and for you.

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  • Location: Palos Heights

  • Telehealth: Yes, if appropriate


By working together in one collaborative environment, patients and families benefit from a higher level of listening, bridging and sharing.


With a long history of caring for children and teens in an inclusive manner, family is rooted in the MiraCare continuum of care.